Litocartão produces Micro Simple Face Corrugated, in several waves, mainly destined to the packaging sector (Graphic Industry / Packaging). The counter gluing and cutting service complements our offer, allowing for significant efficiency gains.
In a very demanding market, only with QUALITY products can we meet the needs of our customers.
The installed capacity and the great agility of processes, allows a fast response to the requests, thus offering an effective SERVICE.

QUALITY and SERVICE. These are the distinguishing factors of Litocartão.

Founded in 1993, Litocartão began working in a small industrial unit located in the municipality of Maia, where it is maintained until the middle of 2007.
Already with the current corporate structure and administration, the company was relocated to the municipality of Paredes. The construction of a new industrial unit, as well as the acquisition of new equipment, enabled Litocartão to have a greater and better production capacity and to respond to market demands.
The establishment of partnerships and the provision of the counter gluing and cutting service provoked a significant increase in space requirements, making the existing unit insufficient. At the beginning of 2015 the activity was extended to a new industrial unit, also located in the municipality of Paredes, leaving the company with a useful area of ​​production close to 6 thousand m2.

Mission vision values


Quality and Service.
The Quality factor is always present, from the search and selection of raw materials to the delivery of the final product.
We intend to offer a quality product, in accordance with the standards demanded by our customers, always looking for new and better solutions.
Prompt response to requests, through an agile and efficient process, enables complex situations to be resolved in a timely manner.


In a market so demanding and competitive, we understand that the specialization and efficiency of the production process are fundamental.
Specialization in paper processing allows us to ascertain, according to customers’ requirements, the best and most suitable raw materials to incorporate into our final products. The reduction of waste and excess production, allows to rationalize resources and spaces, fundamental in an industrial environment.
The expansion of our offer for certain services, namely against gluing and cutting, strengthens our partnership links, allowing our customers to benefit from very important efficiency gains.